Date: September 2020
Location: Main Jamrud Road, Adjacent to Marcopolo, Phase-3 Chowk, Peshawar
Client: Mr. Sayed Shahbaz Gillani
Category:        Commercial & Residential
Peshawar has a historical role as an ancient trade center. It is also known for its unique values and traditions, customs, hospitality to its style of dressing. These traditions are adapting to today’s modernization. Modern architecture, three hundred and sixty degrees all around. The hot/humid weather of the site forces the presence of green shades, water features, and multifunctional indoor spaces. Architecture follows the logic of the supply chain.
SQUARE ONE is a complex of commercial and residential hubs. It synchronizes moderate contemporary architecture. The functional aspects of this building focus on residential and commercial requirements.  Architectural Plan consists of branded commercials along the main access road and residential apartments at their back.
Standing today in the modern shopping pattern has become un-detachable from other functions such as food spaces, recreational areas, and modern workplaces. Also, the distance between the shopping mall today and its good 360 design. Suppliers should be as minimum as the possible project is an all-in-one complex. Where everywhere is reachable.
The main idea behind this design is to provide a geometric composition that distributes the project mixed -program in an innovative configuration, flexible program, separation in functional, best orientation, and most important neighbor-friendly  (that respect the surrounding building sky exposure plane).