Date: March 2020
Location: Shahnawaz Town, Dalazak Road, Peshawar
Client: Mr. Gulbaz Khan
Category: Commercial & Residential

To provide Modern living through affordable prices, with QUALITY AND COMMITMENT for the INVESTORS, to make an increasing Return on Investment (ROI). by EASY RESALE or EASY RENTALS, in addition to having a place they can call their own home – where they can enjoy a MODERN HAPPY LIVING.

A glorious concrete structure perfectly positioned within the city with a jaw-dropping fabulous design, offering ultimate, luxurious and stylish lifestyles to the people of Peshawar.

Vida Residences creates an all-encompassing vertical community that reimagines apartment living on a grand scale. Where residence and mall are in one vertical edifice, making you enjoy a comfortable life. The glorious façade enters you into a modern-day elegantly designed shopping mall, where you can enjoy retail shopping at its best.

Vida Residences is designed to help you live a better, healthier, more connected life full of possibilities, Vida Residences combines a community focused masterplan with future-proof technology and health-conscious design. Offering you the best living experience ever.

Vida Residences is going to bring modernity with traditions and is going to create your stunning modern-day apartment with the luxuries of a bungalow reflecting a mix of traditional and contemporary lifestyle living at its finest.

We love to deliver what you have been dreaming of. We have constructed a stunning apartment that reflects contemporary lifestyles. Making full use of the idyllic surroundings, our project will be one magnificent home for you to admire.